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Les Moucheurs Endiablés, Fishermen’s Association

Les Moucheurs Endiablés

are the guardians of the devil's river

In 1997, a group of enthusiasts brought together by Denis Landreville founded the Club des Moucheurs EnDiablés with the aim of bringing together fly fishermen in the region and promoting the Diable River as a fishing place accessible to all and free of charge.

Les Moucheurs Endiablés today has more than 200 members from Quebec, Canada and elsewhere. It is a non-profit organization in the Mont-Tremblant region.

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Qui sommes-nous
Nos missions

Our missions
& achievements


Stocking Devil’s River


Each year, our association orchestrates a regeneration initiative by introducing trout into the Diable River. This gesture swallows up 90% of our budget and aims to preserve the salmonid resource while  by promoting its development.

Organization of friendly fly fishing competitions

We promote learning and the exchange of knowledge on fishing techniques; fly through friendly competitions. All enthusiasts are invited to participate.

Canadian Fly Fishing Championship

Over the years, our association has hosted editions of the Canadian Fly Fishing Championship, notably in 2008, 2012, 2015 and 2023.

Commonwealth Organization 2016

Following a call for applications, the Club des Moucheurs EnDiablés was chosen to present this event in Mont-Tremblant on the Diable River (area reserved for fly fishing only) as well as on three lakes of Pourvoirie Baroux at the end of August 2016. 


the only fly fishing area

In 2007, of the 15 km of river managed by our association, a section of nearly 5 km was reserved by regulation for fly fishing only. The sector starts at the junction with the Boulé river (P1) up to the Avalanche stream (P5). Access to this area is along Chemin Duplessis. In total there are eleven access points all marked out.


The only river in Quebec to have obtained this privilege outside of the salmon rivers, the Diable River is a jewel of which we are very proud and which we strive to preserve.

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Les Moucheurs Endiablés, fly angler's Association in Québec, in Mont-Tremblant area.

The species you can find in the Devil’s River

How to fish legally?

To fish on the water bodies of Quebec, it is mandatory(without exception) to have a valid fishing license. You must have this with you when fishing, along with a photo ID to confirm your identity. This must have been issued by the government, one of its ministries or a public body. You must be able to show your license and identification, immediately, to a wildlife protection officer or assistant who asks you for them.

A daily or annual pass issued by SEPAQ is required to fish in sectors P1, P2 and P4.You can reserve your pass here

Fishing sectors P1 to P5 are reserved exclusively for fly fishing.

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