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Nos formules d'adhésion

Votre adhésion aux Moucheurs EnDiablés est une contribution à nos actions d’ensemencement et de conservation de la rivière du Diable.

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17 ans et moins/ plus de 65 ans



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  • How to join the association ?
    To become a member of the association or support it, simply select the option that suits you, fill out the corresponding form, then choose one of the available payment options: either via Interact or by check .
  • Is a membership card required to fish the river?
    ONLY the fishing license issued by the Ministry of Wildlife is obligatory. Membership of the EnDiablés fly fishing association is not obligatory, it is your support for our actions on the river...and we thank you!
  • Is the Devil's River easy to fish?
    The variable water level and the strength of the currents can make fishing conditions very difficult in all areas, from April to mid-June. In addition, the bottom of the river is formed by round, slippery rocks. Adequate equipment is a necessity: boots, waders and river pole.
  • Where are the fishing areas located on the Devil’s River?
    The fishing areas are located near the Mont-Tremblant ski resort. There are eleven (11) access points, five (5) of which are dedicated to fly fishing only. Access the map here.
  • When does seeding take place?
    Seeding generally takes place two or three times: the first at the beginning of June, the next at the beginning of July, and possibly another in August. These dates depend on the water level.
  • What species of fish can be found in the river?
    The Diable River, located in Mont-Tremblant National Park in Quebec, Canada, is home to several species of fish. Some of the fish species that can be found in the Devil's River include: Rainbow trout: present in numbers due to our seeding activity Brown trout: lower population because we sometimes stock this fish but a wild strain populates the river with beautiful specimens. Speckled trout: their presence is increasingly rare with a decline in the population. Other species of fish inhabit the river: American shad, American shad, northern pike, smallmouth bass and walleye.
  • When is the fishing season on the river?
    Generally, the fishing period begins in mid-April and ends in mid-September. Consult the website of the Ministry of Wildlife, Forests and Parks:

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